Ever wondered what it takes to become an angel investor?

Why do angels get hooked on investing?

Or have you wanted to get to know one of your fellow angel members better?

We thought so!

Equation has started filming a series of Angel Investor spotlights, where our angel members share their journeys, insights on what motivated them to start angel investing, and why they love it.

Meet Benton Leong, an active angel investor for over 11 years, based in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Benton has an extensive career as a successful investor with GTAN, where he was a Charter member and long-term Director on their Board. Benton is an active member of the Equation Angels’ Executive Committee and is known across the country for his mentorship of entrepreneurs and education workshops for angels.

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Angel Investors are individuals who provide capital and expertise to help innovative companies grow and scale. Equally valuable to the founders is the vast array of experiences and connections that the angels bring to their portfolio companies. These Accredited Investors come from a broad range of backgrounds including exited entrepreneurs and professionals. Their motivation includes a desire to make a return on investment, but also to give back to their community and country by supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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