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Equation is filming a series of Investee Company spotlights, along with our Angel Investor spotlights. We wanted our investee companies to share their journeys working with Equation Angels.

Swirltex is solving complex wastewater problems with a proprietary membrane solution that reduces energy consumption by over 60%, as compared to conventional treatment.

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Meet Swirltex CEO, Melanie McClare. Based in Calgary, Alberta. Swirltex is an early-stage technology company that was very interested in working with an angel group in Ontario, due to the prominence of expertise in water waste treatment in the country. Swirltex ended up oversubscribing a million dollar round, with $300,000 coming from Equation Angels.

The Equation Angels process involves screening over fifty companies monthly.  We have a great funnel management system that allows us to follow investees from application through to closing.  With over one hundred and twenty-five angels across the four angel networks, the level of experience and diversity Equation Angels offers to investee companies is outstanding.  Our comprehensive due diligence process is thorough and advantageous for both the investees and angels to determine required next steps.  With their wealth of knowledge, experience and connections, our Angels make a difference to their community and country by supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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