Member groups take advantage of a centralized back office that coordinates and runs the core day-to-day services of the group enabling local resources to focus their time and effort engaging and growing membership in the local group.

To ensure that the local group’s voice is represented, and selected companies will appeal to the group’s membership, group staff and volunteers are encouraged to participate in the deal screening process.

Member groups organize and host networking meetings, with support from the Equation team, and watch the Equation Investment meeting stream and/or bring in local companies to pitch in person. Group members are able to access a more fulsome deal pipeline through Dealum, our next-generation angel investing platform.

Once per investment season Equation, the local group and the local group’s incubators and accelerators will co-host a “Best of…” event to showcase your local companies and opportunities to the broader membership.

 Highlights of Equation membership:

Member Management

Member Management

  • Access to best-in-class member management software
  • Engagement and Churn reporting
  • New member onboarding
  • Member handbook
Marketing and communications

Marketing and Communications

  • Weekly newsletter, local group branded
  • Social Media Management
  • Website management

"The weekly updates are very useful – well organized and on point."

An angel group member
deal flow

Deal flow

  • Access to best-in-class deal management software
  • Opportunity for members to participate in selection
  • Equation and member group staff manage process with support from angel volunteers
  • Equation and member group staff actively engage local, provincial and national resources to source great deal flow
  • Member groups can run alternative investment streams to accommodate differing interests and speeds of investors and entrepreneurs


  • 10 Monthly Investment meetings streamed to your location
  • 10 Monthly “Best of…” events
    • Co-host annual “Best of…” event to showcase your local innovation ecosystem to the other member groups
  • Equation hosts the first Deeper Dive meeting with each presenting company
  • Member Education Series to keep investors current with events and trends in angel investing and business sectors applying for investment


  • Access deals on services through purchasing power
  • Take advantage of group wide sponsorship deals

Contact us to learn more about how your angel group can be part of the Equation.