Equation Angels (and the member groups) are committed to providing our angel members with a variety of investment opportunities. We are proud to host 10 monthly Investment meetings per group, bringing together a diverse group of experienced accredited investors, who themselves have varied knowledge in a wide range of sectors. As successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs, our members bring smart money to the table and are able to offer their expertise to portfolio companies and in the shared Due Diligence process.

Your involvement in the group as an angel investor may range based on your interest and availability. A member may be very active (Deal Lead, Advisor, Board Member, Consultant) or passive (joining in our deals with investment dollars only). Individual members decide which angel deals they want to participate in. As part of your membership, you will also be invited to attend monthly educational seminars. Our angels can build their knowledge, their networks, as well as their investment portfolios.

To become an Equation Angel, please apply through your local angel investor network chapter. Requirements for membership may vary by chapter.