Why Apply to Pitch the Equation Angels?

Our entrepreneur friendly, streamlined process leaves you time to do what’s important – grow your business.

Over 100 angels and an experienced staff team provide you with more than access to capital. You will get access to a long list of additional resources, mentorship and coaching to help you and your company on their journey.

Flexible options to access our most active investors mean we can work with exceptionally well-prepared entrepreneurs with credible lead investors to fill rounds quickly.

Professional staff ensure a high level of service, so you always know where in the process your application is at.

What do entrepreneurs have to say about us?

“I’ve dealt with 7 or 8 angel groups in the last few years, and yours is by far the most organized. It is very much appreciated.” – founder

“I wanted to thank you regardless as the experience felt very positive and I really enjoyed having the opportunity to practice our pitch in front of so many influential investors.” – founder

Our Process

You are applying to an effective and efficient way to access over 100 angel investors and capitalize on their expertise, experience and resources. The main steps in the Equation Angel’s process are:

Equation Angels uses Dealum to collect and process applications. Clicking the link below will redirect you to Dealum to create a profile and submit your application.

  1. Application
    Fill out one simple online application that is reviewed by Equation Angels staff to ensure it is a good match to our investor’s interests.
  2. Intro Office Hours
    Meet the Equation staff team and give us a short pitch to help us assess your readiness to move forward in the process.
  3. Selection Committee Pitch
    Six companies pitch to the joint Selection Committee who choose the top two to four companies to pitch to all the members at the Investment Meeting.
  4. Investment Meeting
    Equation streams a network wide meeting twice on the third Tuesday of the month. Companies pitch at a morning and afternoon (Eastern Time) version of the event. Pitches can be made in person at one of the member groups or via video conference link.
  5. Deeper Dive Meeting
    A 2-hour meeting between you and the interested angels, typically two weeks after the Investment Meeting.
  6. Due Diligence & Deal Closing
    Work with your investors to finalize terms and close the deal.

Following a clean due diligence process, angels are encouraged to commit to a Yes/No in 3 to 5 weeks from pitching.

Are You Ready for Angel Investment?

Founders typically approach angels when they have exhausted their personal, family and friends resources.

Angels are typically looking for companies that are ready to scale. The product or service is developed and is showing early signs of being accepted by customers, i.e. there are early sales, letters of intent and/or paid pilots underway.

For Equation’s deal pipeline we look for:

  • Technology and technology-enabled companies capable of delivering disproportionate returns.


  • Compelling founders & principled teams who demonstrate strong domain expertise
  • A Commercially Viable Product (CVP) with strong signs of early product-market fit (PMF) in the form of traction
    • Revenue or a clear path to customers
    • Paid pilot projects
  • Intellectual property (IP) that is owned or assigned to company; preferably patented or patentable. IP may include trade secrets

who are

  • Solving a convincing problem with a strong value proposition, into a >$1B market opportunity
  • At a Pre-seed or Seed stage see this link for details https://finmark.com/seed-series-a-b-c-d-funding/#pt2
  • located in Ontario, though our portfolio companies are across Canada and the US

and are

  • Offering a round of $650k – $3M, with minimum of $250k available for our members. 
  • Valued at a maximum of $15M
  • Ready for a due diligence process with a complete deal-room. The National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) has a suggested list of the material that should be in your deal-room


  • B-Corporations and Social Enterprises are encouraged to apply if they have strong business fundamentals (see above) 
  • We are sector agnostic, but do not invest in:
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Lifestyle companies 
    • Real estate & property
    • Gambling
    • Entertainment-related (movies, bands, events)
  • Equity (Common or Preferred Shares) or convertible notes are preferred

If you are a tech start-up seeking venture financing between $250K to $3M along with help from a pool of over 100 experienced successful business leaders and entrepreneurs, then Equation Angels would like to receive an application from you.

Equation Angels uses Dealum to collect and process applications. Clicking the link below will redirect you to Dealum to create a profile and submit your application.